Singer Valeria stripped for UK magazine

Singer Valeria stripped for UK magazine Popular singer Valeria, by leaps and bounds endearing old Europe, ahead of the release of the new album, starred for the famous British magazine the Sunday Times Magazine.Although for many years the singer categorically refused to take part in a candid photoshoot, offer one of the most popular magazines in Britain she just could not accept."Th" was able to look at the set and find out in what way will appear Valeria on the foreign pages of gloss. This long-awaited photo shoot was timed to the Victory Day, so fans will see Valeria in Soviet military uniform...ShootingSpecifically for the magazine Valeria dared to be naked, covered only by a veil in the form of the Soviet flag with hammer and sickle.- It's Russian star in London! This image is the brightest, most - shared with the "th" members of the crew.To take such a bold step, the artist decided, hearing the name of photographer who will take it off. Famous Peru has worked with many Hollywood stars, so shooting Valeria fully trusted professional.And professional did an excellent job! It seems that after the appearance of the pictures in the magazine the new album of the singer, whose sales in England will start may fourth, is simply doomed to success.- I would love that the album has found its place on the market in Britain, - said Valery. - The most important thing is not the presence of the album in the store and make it a success. Source: Valeria stripped for UK magazine (photo).

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