Cindy Crawford is still gorgeous

Cindy Crawford is still gorgeousCindy always looked perfect in the pictures taken by professional photographers for advertising and magazines. But even away from stylists and makeup artists she's still the same excellent.This once again proved photographers, depicting a star walking on the beach in Malibu with friends, reports the Daily Mail. Dressed in thin shorts and a tight t-shirt, the model shows a perfect figure and long slender legs. Form 43-year-old Crawford over the years, career models, and then a happy marriage and motherhood have changed for the better.During the holidays the yacht Cindy again showed the class. The supermodel was dressed in a black bikini and looked as amazing as it was at the peak of her career in the early 90-ies.And not so long ago she was spotted without makeup at the exit of the airport of Los Angeles. And then Crawford made the right decision. She looked stunningly fresh. Unlike Sharon stone, who went without makeup "for a Cup of coffee with her friend Melanie Griffith. View 50-year-old actress in a street cafe strongly contrasted with her normally beautiful face and flawless makeup at social events.Recall that not only Crawford manages to retain youth and freshness. Actress Jennifer aniston, who in his youth was a chubby and unattractive particular, has now become the standard model to many. She is the same young face, and her toned figure may be the envy of other twenty girls. As for Crawford, she may have helped shaping studies. At the time, the dark-haired beauty was even released videotapes of master classes. It is likely, his own technique and helped the model to maintain excellent physical shape. Source: Cindy Crawford still gorgeous.

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