Between Kirkorov and Baskov scandal

Between Kirkorov and Baskov scandalA new battle for the love of the people broke out between Nikolai Baskov and Philip Kirkorov at the festival "New wave".To the surprise of the organizers, the pop king refused to go on stage with the tenor as co-host, and his replacement was urgently prepared Nikolai Valuev.A few days Jurmala were full of posters, in which black and white, it was indicated that the competition will lead Baskov and Kirkorov, but the audience never saw the last one on stage.As it became known L! some players about the change of partner warned in a matter of minutes.Said right: back down he went, Philip.It was so sudden, told us at the last moment, share with L! colleagues of Nikolay Baskov who were with him backstage before going. We think that Philip himself refused - so they fought a lot lately. Especially seriously quarreled at "Slavianski Bazaar". Since then they're enemies again.- Philip at the last moment refused to do the role of the host, share the organizers of the "New wave". - We had to urgently look for a replacement and decided that Nikolai Valuev perfectly cope with this task.Hercules, who was afraid of the whole country, the scene was good-natured wit and admitted after that he was ready to continue to learn the profession of entertainer.By the way, in Jurmala Valuev for the first time ceased to hesitate when asked to be photographed together.- Yes, I am a big but awkward, why take pictures with me as with a monument - confessed before Nicholas.Today he no longer opposes and fun poses. Source: Between Kirkorov and Baskov scandal.

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