Nikolai Karachentsov save doctors ambulance

Nikolai Karachentsov save doctors ambulanceLegendary actor Nikolai Karachentsov had to save the doctors of the ambulance.Nikolai Petrovich was in his apartment in Central Moscow, when he suddenly became ill. As soon as he tried to get up off the couch, staggered and almost fell. Beloved husband immediately rushed wife Lyudmila purgina, which does not depart from him even for a minute.Lyudmila Andreevna wife picked up under the arms, seated on a chair and rushed to the phone to call the doctors.Home Karachentsov were immediately sent two brigades: linear and specialized neurological. More than forty minutes, the doctors tried to stabilize the famous actor. According to experts, the cause of the attack, most likely, was the narrowing of blood vessels.Seeing that the artist got better, the doctors decided to do without hospitalization, but urged the wife to immediately call an ambulance if Nikolay Petrovich suddenly become worse. Source: Nikolay Karachentsov save doctors ambulance.

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