Michael Jackson died a natural death

Michael Jackson died a natural deathAt the time of his death, Michael Jackson was almost bald, covered with wounds from the needles and weighed only 51 pounds.British tabloid the Sun, writes that in the stomach pop idol were only pills, and his body had multiple scars left at least 13 cosmetic operations.Numerous traces of the medical needles are the effects of addiction Jackson to pain medication, which he did three times a day for many years.The County coroner stated that Jackson wore a wig, who was covering expressionless "Pooh" on the head of the king of pop. Several ribs were broken as a result of desperate attempts by medics to revive him. Recall that a heart attack in a 50-year-old singer happened on Friday evening in his Los Angeles apartment.Michael's family and his fans will be horrified when they realize what really was the condition of the singer," said one of the unnamed sources, the newspaper Sun.Experts are very surprised by the marks left after attempts to resuscitate Jackson. During one of the four attempts to enter in the heart adrenaline doctor missed. On the body is also noticeable damage due to oxygen mask and attempt to insert the tube during resuscitation.Despite a truly terrible appearance of Michael Jackson, the preliminary examination showed that his body recovered well after surgery for cancer of the skin. Source: Michael Jackson died a natural death.

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