Red `Ivan` caught stealing his housekeeper

Red `Ivan` caught stealing his housekeeperThe popular singer had noticed that after leaving hired to work the maids began to disappear money, jewelry, even lingerie (!), and carried out a special operation to catch the thief.After the birth of her second son in the Moscow apartment of the artist on the street Rochdelskaya real chaos began. Beloved wife Masha just physically do not have time to monitor starterkit Tomboy and babysit the youngest son, who recently turns a year old. Naturally, the cleaning she almost had no time left. All this led to the fact that in September last year, the Redhead began to look for a housekeeper.TheftWe contacted the Agency, we picked up a woman, signed a contract, - said Andrey in the police. - She came to clean the apartment twice a week. We gave her the keys to the apartment. And then I began to notice that after she left the apartment began to disappear things. Money and valuables to the most personal, intimate things!To tolerate such lawlessness Ivan wasn't going to. To dismiss the thief was easy, but then she'd got a job for someone else, maybe even to colleagues Ivanushki on stage...- I have installed throughout the house camcorder, - continued the story Red. - And on Wednesday, when she was to come again, I called the precinct and in his presence rewrote the bills and put them in the pocket of his jeans.The lure Andrew left the room, and he, as usual, went to the cleaning of the house.DetentionFurther action resembled the plot of a spy Thriller "Enemy of the state". Only the main role is played not a black actor will Smith, and a red-haired idol of millions of Russian girls. While the maid vacuumed and dusted, Andrew quietly watched. But as soon as the housekeeper climbed into his jeans, pulled out the money and quietly put it in his pocket, the Redhead dialed the precinct.Valentina T. was detained as soon as she finished cleaning up. The woman was taken to the OVD "Presnensky" arrived shortly after, and Ivan himself. The artist wrote a letter, and his servant was immediately placed in jail. By the way, put Valentina Fillipovna behind bars while for petty theft: the amount stolen is small - only 2100 rubles.Though Ivan and wrote in a statement, "the Damage is significant to consider myself", it is not possible to prove other thefts, she shines a maximum of 15 days in jail and a small fine. Source: Red "Ivanushka" caught stealing his housekeeper.

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