The van Gogh ear cut off best friend

The van Gogh ear cut off best friendGerman scientists have made a new discovery in the world of painting, thus rewriting the story of van Gogh's ear. Critics found out who cut off the ear of genius.Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear lobe. He cut off her in a fit of anger Paul Gauguin. This is the conclusion of two researchers from Hamburg University - Hans Kaufmann and Rita Villegas. For decades it was believed that the artist himself cut off his earlobe in a fit of madness that led him to commit suicide two years later. But after years of investigation, scientists have found that this procedure has spent his closest friend.Friends didn't say anything about the incident in accordance with a tacit "Pact of silence". The researchers note that information about the ill-fated incident in the evening of 23 December 1888 come from Gauguin from the police and Arles. Last found blood-stained van Gogh on the morning of 24 December and took him to the hospital. According to their data, which leads to "The Daily Telegraph", van Gogh showed a piece of newspaper ear a familiar prostitute named Rachel. Subsequently the whole episode from the life of the Dutch artist was considered one of the signs of increasing mental illness, which, eventually, led him to suicide. Version Paul Gauguin said that two other artist had a falling out, Gauguin left his home and went to sleep in a nearby hotel. Left alone, frustrated van Gogh cut off his earlobe with a razor ear.But, according to German researchers, in fact Gauguin tried to besiege the heated dispute of van Gogh, who threw in other dishes, and being a great fencer, did not cause him much harm, but only cut off his ear lobe. Then he threw the weapon into the Rhone. The rapier, of course, was not found. "Razor, too," adds Kaufman. Gauguin later gave evidence which confirmed his version, and van Gogh was silent, and nobody was able to make of the story about what happened.The researchers referred to correspondence between Vincent and his brother Theo, in which the artist hints at what has actually happened, and emphasizes in the letter that no right to break the "Pact of silence", as the Dutch painter was very fond of her friend and under no circumstances would not give testimony against him. Because otherwise he would have risked prison.Hans Kaufman believes that after a tragic accident Gauguin, never seen with van Gogh, I feel remorse for. In particular, he wrote his version of "Sunflowers" in 1901 in memory of the deceased friend. Nina Zimmer, curator of the major exhibition van Gogh in Basel believes that, "perhaps the researchers and right". "But all theories are only conjecture and find out what had really happened on that fateful night, we can't, because this requires irrefutable evidence", she concluded. Source: van Gogh Ear cut off best friend.

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