The Moods Of Emma Watson

The Moods Of Emma WatsonEmma Watson often complain about work colleagues. They say that it is very difficult to work with. But shooting the new part of "Harry Potter" steel for the crew a real challenge.They say that this time it's harder than ever". The newspaper Chicago Sun-Times writes: "Emma became even more capricious. She always complains, late and even the film crew was rude. She considers herself a diva. Читать полностью -->

Dima Bilan is preparing for family life

Dima Bilan is preparing for family lifeDima Bilan began preparation for family life and has already acquired for himself and his future wife Lena Kuletskaya a house on the ruble for 1 million euros.The mansion Dima was looking for since November of last year. Singer carefully concealed it, to surprise his bride Lena. Found the house of your dreams Bilan just a couple of weeks ago is a two - storey mansion on the ruble area of about 400 meters and 24 acres of land. The artist plans to build on the territory of the giving pool, sauna and a music Studio.Lena Kuletskaya was the first who saw the acquisition of Dima. "It was our dream," says Dima. - The grounds are large trees plant a vegetable garden. Читать полностью -->

Radiohead will no longer record albums

Radiohead will no longer record albumsThe leader of the British group Radiohead Thom Yorke in an interview with the American magazine The Believer said that in the foreseeable future the group has no plans to accept for recording a full album.According to singer, his views were shared by the rest of the band Radiohead. York said that the release plate is a whole entity, and the group is unlikely to prove him capable of in the near future. On record the band's latest Studio album, "In Rainbows", the musicians decided, since had a clear idea of what should be new material, but now they have no such ideas.Also York said that "will not tolerate" the new album, and that full Studio session "kill" participants Radiohead.Instead of albums York partners intend to release the singles, EPS and other recordings that differ from the full plates of smaller volume. Recently British musicians broke the silence by releasing a song in memory of Harry Patch, the last British veteran of the First world war, who died in late July at the age of 111 years.Presumably the last Studio album in the band's career Thom Yorke, "In Rainbows", was released in late 2007. In April it was reported that when writing new material participants Radiohead will be inspired by South American motifs. Source: Radiohead will no longer record albums. Читать полностью -->

The most daring outfits of the stars

The most daring outfits of the stars Wearing underwear and a swimsuit at the beach or at the pool party? It is not only boring, but also old-fashioned. Some stars daily support the "bathing season".Britney Spears. After the Internet was flooded with pictures of the pop Queen without underwear, Brittany seems to be the only star who looks in a swimsuit is fully dressed.For statements she chooses the costumes, stage outfits resembling Madonna: hat, fishnet stockings and push-up corset. Not wrong Britney, presented at the concert in the framework of the world tour Circus in the gold bikini from Dsquared2 - it star looked absolutely irresistible.Madonna. She used to be first in everything. Have ventured Britney Spears to wear a push-up corset, if not assembled it on the pop Queen! Black fishnet tights, leather pants, cheeky tops with a deep neckline, a corset-style bdsm - it seems that without these attributes Madonna wouldn't be myself.Seductive costumes created by YSL, Roberto Cavalli, Stella McРЎartney and other fashion brands, decorated her world tour Sticky & Sweet.Beyonce. Читать полностью -->

Dmitry Medvedev has allocated a grant for the theater of the absurd

Dmitry Medvedev has allocated a grant for the theater of the absurdWhich in English-speaking countries textbook book critic Martin Esslin "Theatre of the absurd" ("The Theatre of the Absurd") will be translated into Russian language for a presidential grant awarded to Galina Kovalenko, Petersburg theatre critic.Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on grants for support of creative projects of national importance in the field of culture and art" published April 27, 2009.In the book of Esslin, published in 1961, the definition of the theater of the absurd, dismantled methods four main sponsors - Samuel Beckett, eugГЁne Ionesco, Arthur Adamov and Jean Genet. Later, Esslin added the fifth playwright Harold Pinter.In the list of one hundred presidential grants mentioned and other theatrical projects, for example, the publication of the second volume of "the set designers of Russia" the theater critic Victor Berezkin, setting antique Opera "Orpheus" Evstigney Fomina chamber theatre "St. Petersburg Opera". . . . Читать полностью -->

Rated sexy star `dyuymovochek`

Rated sexy star `dyuymovochek` It is well-known: most actors and Actresses do not have high growth. But there among the stars and very petite women - their growth does not exceed 1 meter 60 centimeters.However, they are all extremely charming, attractive and sexy. Source: Rating sexy star "duimovochki" (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

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