The death of Jackson is considered as `manslaughter`

The death of Jackson is considered as `manslaughter`Police in Los Angeles tend to consider the sudden death of Michael Jackson on June 25 as "manslaughter". A major role in the death of singer this version removes his doctor - Conrad Murray, according to website TMZ, who first announced the death of the "king of pop" from cardiac arrest.Murray did chest compressions Jackson, when the latter became ill. The family of the deceased was of the opinion that there are several "unanswered questions" regarding the actions of Murray in the last hours of the life of the idol of millions. According to TMZ, which cites "numerous" sources in law enforcement bodies, "the evidence indicates that the main cause of Jackson's death was the painkillers strong action of Propofol ("Diprivan"). There is "convincing evidence" that Murray has introduced this drug to the singer.TMZ cites the opinion of doctors who believe that "Propofol is used in hospitals for submersion patients unconscious before surgery. To do this anesthesia is entrusted only to experienced anesthesiologists.The staff of the office of coroner (investigator in cases of violent or sudden death) inflicted on the eve of a visit to the office of the dermatologist Arnold Klein, whose services are used by Jackson. Читать полностью -->

Stars dared to appear without makeup

Stars dared to appear without makeup They joined a whole gallery of stars who dared to appear in public without the usual multi-layered makeup. Some of them are not lost.Source: Star dared to appear without makeup (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

16-year-old hockey player has died on the eve of the draft

16-year-old hockey player has died on the eve of the draftOn the eve of the first ever draft Junior Continental hockey League's 16-year-old hockey player club "polar bears" Vladislav Spiriakos died of pneumonia.Despite the fact that the leaders of the League obsessed medical examination of players, the number of fatalities in our hockey is not reduced.Draft beginners - one of the innovations of the KHL's second season, is absolutely incomprehensible thing, still unknown, will survive if it is in the Russian realities. Besides, after the draft had been suspended, the representatives of the Voskresensky "the Chemist" and Chekhov's "the knight", the first will be to choose Minsk "Dynamo" because it's probably the brightest Russian Junior, 20-year-old defender Chelyabinsk "a Mechel" Mikhail Pashnin (pictured), will travel to Belarus... However, the Dynamo are equal members of the League, so to blame for this kind of injustice we have no right. Although, in principle, with the same success Minsk, the club can choose the strongest North American John Tavares... And I wonder how someone from the representatives of North America would react to a possible career in Khabarovsk "the Cupid"...The main thing is to not repeat the path of his famous countryman-South Ural resident Andrey mezina, who personally received Belarusian citizenship, then played for the national team of this country, and in almost native Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist" was considered a Legionnaire...Happened to Spiraculum, although here it is more about the accident again raises the issue of medicine on the eve of the draft, which, by the way, go out and players who have not reached 17 years of age (Spiryakova would have turned 17 only June 18). Whereas in the NHL, where, in fact, written off the current system draft picks, to get to the draft and, consequently, to sign a "grown-up" contract only 18 years old, if you're Wayne Gretzky. Читать полностью -->

Barack Obama has disappointed US women

Barack Obama has disappointed US womenPresident Barack Obama broke the dream of many American women. He assured Americans that will never appear in trendy tight jeans.Obama admitted that last week appeared before numerous media representatives not in the best form. The fact is that at the baseball all-star game in Major League baseball (MLB), where the President traditionally makes the first roll, Obama baggy jeans were instantly dubbed media "mom jeans"."Well, Yes, I looked a bit old fashioned... But I hate to shop, and they're so comfortable", - said awkwardly Obama. However, immediately the first black President immediately went on the offensive."Those of you who wants the President looked good in tight jeans, I have to say - I'm sorry, I'm not that guy," said the head of state.According to "RIA Novosti, jeans President aroused considerable interest among Internet users. After Obama's appearance at a baseball game, people began to gain in the search engines "what jeans were on Obama", "mom jeans" and "Obama in mom jeans". Читать полностью -->

Beyonce is trying to save your marriage

Beyonce is trying to save your marriageThe other day Beyonce admitted that she constantly has to fight for the preservation of his marriage with Jay-Z.The singer, who married rapper in April last year, explains: she is forced to combine their creative work with attempts to bring order to family life, and that's not easy."For everything in life I have is hard to beat - reports the words of Beyonce tabloid MusicNews. - I have to fight for the preservation of their relationship with her husband. I need to build a successful career. And finally, just have to stay in good shape, despite the fact that constantly tempted to eat another chocolate bar. Everything in my life - a real fight. But it's worth it!". Читать полностью -->

`The inhabited island-2` failed at the box office

`The inhabited island-2` failed at the box officeThe second film of the drama of Fedor Bondarchuk's Inhabited island. Fight" left in leaders of the Russian film distribution, however, has not justified expectations of the distributors and producers.A screen adaptation of the famous novel by the Strugatsky brothers, the last part of which was called "the Inhabited island. Fight", gathered in the Russian cinemas 132,1 million (3.8 million dollars).Despite the fact that the long-awaited continuation of "Inhabited island" has become a leader in the rental, the spring blockbuster of a novel showed a rather modest result compared to the budget of the movie. Judging by the first results, the film is unlikely to pay off in the car, as the nearest weekend Hollywood opens their summer season blockbusters, said is, the film Bondarchuk have to contend with such large-scale projects like "X-Men", "Angels and Demons" and "Terminator: salvation".In second place came down the leader of last week - "Crank: High voltage", earned at the domestic box office 39.4 million rubles (1.1 million dollars).In third place slipped another piece of tape about the adrenaline and speed - "fast & furious 4". Her result was 26.6 million rubles (781 thousand dollars).One position is lost and the film Vladimir Bortko's "Taras Bulba. Zaporizhzhya Sich", which gathered last week only 25.9 million (761 thousand dollars).Total income "Bulba" by the end of rolling four weekends amounted 538,3 million rubles, or 16.1 million dollars.It is reported Booker's Bulletin.Comments, Alexander Molchanov, screenwriter:I assumed that the second part of "Inhabited island" will fail. Читать полностью -->

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