Jane the Fund had surgery on his knee

Jane the Fund had surgery on his kneeThe other day on his Twitter page of the legendary Jane Fonda gave a farewell with his... left knee.According to the actress, it was "strong and reliable" and "helped her in all her adventures while climbing, skiing, running," and "loved to kiss" her ex-husband Roger Vadim. All that she wrote for a reason: a few hours after the entry was posted, 71-year-old actress went into the operating room, where she had to replace the left knee joint to the product of titanium and ceramics. And even lying on a gurney in the hospital, she managed to send in a social network, another message:"Lie on the gurney. The drugs start functioning. Wee-hee! Farewell, left knee! Now you'll fry!". Читать полностью -->

Pugachev's regrets that you will not be able to say goodbye to Jackson

Pugachev's regrets that you will not be able to say goodbye to JacksonAlla Pugacheva sent to the relatives of Michael Jackson a telegram of condolence. The news that didn't become an idol generation, caught her on tour in America.- All of America went into mourning, said "Z" press attache of the singer Elena Chuprakov. Everything is like freaking out. Who would have thought?.. Alla Borisovna sincerely sympathizes with the family and friends of Michael. Allah sent a telegram of condolence, but at a funeral to attend will not be able. Читать полностью -->

Ronaldo secretly made himself a liposuction of the abdomen

Ronaldo secretly made himself a liposuction of the abdomenFamous Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo, advocating for club Corinthians, secretly made himself a liposuction of the abdomen at a clinic in sГЈo Paulo.The double world champion, recognized as the main football talent of the present, decided to use what was in the hospital, where he was operated on for a broken arm, and at the same time reduced the excess fat.Recall that in the championship match of Brazil against Palmeiras famous "Nibbler" fell in the fight for the ball and injured his left hand. The survey showed that in football a fracture of the third and fourth metacarpal bones. By coincidence, it was in the match against Palmeiras in March this year, Ronaldo made his debut with Corinthians after the third serious knee injury. In the last five matches he has scored six goals, but will now miss several months due to the new damage.Surgery liposuction of the abdomen lasted 25 minutes and was evaluated as satisfactory by doctors. In addition, the "critters" were implanted miriplatin and twelve spokes, which should fix the bones in his left hand. Back on the field the striker will be able not earlier than 4-5 weeks, conceding, therefore, eight games for his club in the Brazilian League, report "Вести.Ru".Note that the weight of Ronaldo became the reason of a permanent discussion with local journalists and all football experts and it may include half the population of the country since the 2006 world Cup. Читать полностью -->

In Russia, published unknown novel by ray Bradbury

In Russia, published unknown novel by ray BradburyA new novel by legendary science fiction writer ray Bradbury "a Graveyard for lunatics" was first published in Russia. This is reported Newsru.com, according to the publishing house "Eksmo".As noted in the publisher, the genre of "Graveyard for lunatics" can be called mystical detective. Along with the novels "Death - it alone" and "let's all kill Constance" this work is included in a kind of mystical trilogy. They are not so much the overall plot as active in all three novels the characters, including the figure of the narrator, to whom Bradbury, according to the publishers, donated part of his authentic biography.The novel is set in Hollywood in 1954. About this time the writer himself as a writer, so he knows the work of this "American dream factory" inside and showed it without the juicy details of sin and without tedious stories about the temple of creativity. Just for other people, making a film, materializing stories, fantasies and dreams.Studio Maximus, described in the novel, looks very much like the famous Paramaunt pictures. Читать полностью -->

The lion Durova made an urgent heart surgery

The lion Durova made an urgent heart surgery77-year-old actor doctors Botkin hospital held an urgent heart surgery.Surgery specialists clinic took right after I got the results of the survey.Diagnostics showed that the situation is so serious that Lev Konstantinovich any second could be a heart attack. In one of the vessels formed plaque which occurred for the perfusion of the myocardial muscle.Immediately after the consultation of the Lion Durov began to prepare for surgery. Fortunately, everything went well. In a blocked artery, surgeons inserted a stent, which is to expand the lumen and thereby to stabilize the bloodstream. Despite all the concerns of physicians the body of the famous actor had surgery.All went well, our whole family kept him fists, says son-in-law of Leo Vladimir Konstantinovich. We hope he will soon recover.In the hospital near the bed of the famous actor constantly on duty, his family: daughter, husband, and son-in-law.The doctors assured us that if there are no complications, after two or three days the murders may have to go home, " says Vladimir. Читать полностью -->

Photographers Playboy stripped lead of the First channel

Photographers Playboy stripped lead of the First channel Tatiana Gerasimova - presenter of the First channel stripped for the may issue of the legendary men's magazine Playboy.The legendary face of the program "Army shop" Tatyana Gerasimova had never participated in such a candid photoshoot, it was her first experience with a Nude shoot. As recognized by leading national television - and she didn't think so she will be able to feel more at ease in front of the camera, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".The theme of the shoot was close to the theme of the TV show "Army shop". In front of the camera Tatyana Gerasimova took off everything except military uniforms. On the head of the girl sported a cap with the trademark Playboy.In early April, Tatiana was 27 years old. Childhood she had spent in Africa with his parents, he returned to Moscow and entered the Moscow state pedagogical University, engaged in a course when a modeling Agency. Later dropped out of school in order to participate in the "Girls".The last four years has worked as a presenter of the program "Army shop" on the First channel. Читать полностью -->

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