Artist-invisible stuns the audience

Artist-invisible stuns the audience A consummate artist from China, Liu Bolin, have invented a new art form: it makes people invisible. People become real ghosts thanks to talented artist brushes, they just fade into the background.Model merge with houses, garages, walls, graffiti, phone booths and even with guns.Thus the Chinese artist has done the impossible: he creates not just a stunning picture, it makes people invisible. Liu Bolin was able to show how the urban environment influences human.36-year-old artist sure has found its own niche in art and in society. He thinks he's special - different from the others, he sees the bustle of the city more through art.Talented Chinese adds that he does not fit into the accepted framework of modern society and constantly for his work evinces a silent protest against the persecution of artists. In this he draws his inspiration.Liu Bolin says that people call him a man-the invisible man, but for him it is not a picture, doesn't it conveys the whole story, whatever it was.After school, the artist could not find a suitable job, he had the impression that he is outsider society. Nobody cared to him, he felt unnecessary to the world. Читать полностью -->

Former goalkeeper of the national team of Russia was removed from the flight because of alimony

Former goalkeeper of the national team of Russia was removed from the flight because of alimonyFormer goalkeeper of Russian national team Alexander Filimonov by the decision of the police officer was shot Sunday with a flight to Uzbekistan because of the existing debt.As have informed in Management of Federal service of court bailiffs, he was issued a regulation restricting the right to travel abroad in connection with existing debt for alimony in the amount of 707 thousand.Arrived in the morning at Domodedovo international airport is a 35-year-old footballer bailiffs together with the traffic police stopped at the front Desk for the flight to Uzbekistan (now he plays for the team Lokomotiv Tashkent) and showed the resolution.According to the chief of the Khimki district Department UFSSP across Moscow region Galina Kozlova, a few days ago was initiated enforcement proceedings, since the statement of his wife, since 2007, he owed not less than 700 thousand rubles."Knowing that he is in Moscow, we sent him a telegram, but he was invited to the bailiffs and did not show up," said she. "Preliminary calculation of debt continues until - now we have received a copy of the contract from the football club and the amount owed will be subject to changes," she said.According to her, Filimonov as the debtor in the near future will not be able to fly abroad until they fully repay the amount owed. "If he's right in the airport wants to pay, the bailiffs have the receipt and the funds will be deposited in the escrow account. In addition, it may be seized to repay the debt on the mobile phone, ticket and any other property which he would propose, - said Galina Kozlova. - Of course, for many debtors comes as a complete surprise when they are removed from the flight. So, here recently were removed from the flight two sisters, who had the duty of a Bank loan. Читать полностью -->

Gabriel garcГ­a mГЎrquez will be no more to write

Gabriel garcГ­a mГЎrquez will be no more to write82-year-old famous Colombian writer, Nobel prize laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez probably won't publish anything."I doubt very much that Marquez will write anything else", - quotes The Guardian of the word employee literary Agency Carmen Balcells, representing the interests of Marquez.The last novel of the writer "memories of my sad whores" was published in 2004. Since then the press has repeatedly reported that Marquez is working on the following works and, in particular, is preparing to publish a novel about love.Now, however, the Agency Carmen Balcells refutes this information. According to the biographer Marquez by Gerald Martin, the writer is not ready and is hardly ever ready to publish new work. "I don't think this is worth regretting. Just fate Marquez was such that his literary career ended much sooner than his life", he added.Recall that the rumors that Marquez will not be more writing appeared before. In 2006, the author of "one Hundred years of solitude" stated that "for the first time in his life there is nothing".GarcГ­a mГЎrquez was born on 6 March 1927 in the Colombian town maps of aracataca (Magdalena Department). Читать полностью -->

Pugacheva have collected the most important in her life of men at one table

Pugacheva have collected the most important in her life of men at one tableThree weeks before the anniversary of Alla Pugacheva have collected the most important in her life of men at one table. Twelve fans main singer in the country were fed and watered at the expense of the divas, instead of sharing my thoughts on the scenario of the April show.Dinner Alla Borisovna was similar to the big feast: "on the Golden porch sat the King, the Prince, the king, the king's son": Valentin Yudashkin, Yevgeniy Boldin, Alexander Ivanov, Alexander Buinov, Artemy Troitsky, Ilya Reznik and Maxim Galkin. Last gently held the Diva's hand and not stray to far from their women - in the company of such a huge number of men it is an act, at least, reasonable.MealThe whole evening Galkin joked on the crisis and sang songs in French, what brought Dolly parton and guests in indescribable delight. Frowning only the ex-husband of the actress, Yevgeniy Boldin, who came into the restaurant with a young and heavily pregnant wife. His seat was on the opposite side from with Galkin Pugacheva, and he halfheartedly ate dinner at the table, occasionally theatrical smiling jokes Divas.By the way, to ex-wife the prima Donna did not say a single kind words, compliments while the other flowed freely. Source: Pugachev have collected the most important in her life of men at one table. Читать полностью -->

Cynthia Nixon has married her girlfriend

Cynthia Nixon has married her girlfriendThe red-haired yuristkoy Miranda from "Sex and the city" and although there were some problems in dealing with men, but in General she's very loved.And in real life the actress Cynthia Nixon has long been preferred men's women's society. The day before the actress announced that she was engaged to his girlfriend Christina, She. This statement Cynthia did, speaking in new York at the Congress of gays and lesbians, according to Reuters. Standing at the podium and speaking in defense of gay marriage, Cynthia showed arm, which sported a diamond ring and told me that she and a friend last month celebrated the engagement and plan to marry.Cynthia is an active member of the lesbian movement in the USA. With his girlfriend they have been together for six years. Before that, the actress had a long and seemingly happily lived with her civil husband. Читать полностью -->

Madonna decided to fight for the child until the end

Madonna decided to fight for the child until the endThe court of Malawi stated that the appeal of the Madonna in the case of the adoption of 3-year-old mercy James, will be considered on may 4. First, the judge rejected the request of the singer on her adoption of Malawian girls, but Madonna did not rest on this.She decided to prove to the government of Malawi that deserve to raise this child. In the end, the judge gave in. They will consider the matter again. The star herself at the hearing is not obliged to come, the decision will be taken without its participation. Source: Madonna decided to fight for the child until the end. Читать полностью -->

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