Twins Jolie and pitt make their first steps

Twins Jolie and pitt make their first stepsCouple Angelina Jolie and brad pitt is under the gun the whole country, but sometimes they are the first to report breaking news to the press.During the premiere of "Inglourious Basterds" Jolie gave an interview to the magazine Life & Style, where she was asked about the twins Vivienne and Knox, about which you hear very little."They're beautiful. They already go," says the actress. And to the question whether they want more children, Jolie laughed. But she intends to involve your kids in social activity itself. She believes that it is necessary to grow good people. Source: Twins Jolie and pitt make their first steps. Читать полностью -->

Found six early works of Shakespeare

Found six early works of ShakespeareDr. John Casson John Casson), independent scholar Shakespeare (William Shakespeare), claims the opening of six early works of the playwright.In his book "Is One who is being chased by a bear" (Enter Pursued by a Bear) Casson, who had spent a survey three years, refers to Shakespeare's works sonnet "Phaeton", the Comedy "Mazedar", "the Tragedy of king Locrine", "Yorkshire tragedy," and the play "Arden Faversham" and "Thomas of Woodstock". However, these works and to the Casson was attributed to Shakespeare, British scientist only proves that they belong to the great playwright, writes Telegraph.According to the researcher, "Phaeton" is his first published poem Shakespeare, and "Mazedar" - first published Comedy. Early same the tragedy of "Arden Faversham" and "the Tragedy of king Locrine" - were printed anonymously in the early 90-ies of the XVI century, Dr. Casson is convinced that Shakespeare could not enter in the literature immediately with such ambitious works as the trilogy of Henry VI: "Writers usually start small," he says.As for personality, hiding under the name William Shakespeare, John Casson agree with the view that it was sir Henry Neville (Henry Neville) - English aristocrat, godson of king Henry VIII. Recall that in another version of Shakespeare was Roger manners, Earl of Rutland (Roger Manners, Earl of Rutland).Presentation of the book by Dr. Читать полностью -->

Katie Holmes helped Lohan is back on the big screens

Katie Holmes helped Lohan is back on the big screensLindsay Lohan need to thank Katie Holmes for the opportunity to return to the big screen. The fact that the wife of Tom cruise refused to play a role in the film The Other Side , which recently received Lohan.The young actress earned the reputation of a scandalous girl is impossible to work. Due to its constant delays to the shooting she complained to the camera crew. But this time the filmmakers decided to take a chance because of a sudden cancellation Katie in favor of the Broadway show. The film notes that Lindsay tried very hard to deserve a favourable attitude towards her, and she succeeded. Source: Katie Holmes helped Lohan is back on the big screens. Читать полностью -->

In Los Angeles said goodbye to Michael Jackson

In Los Angeles said goodbye to Michael JacksonAt 9:00 am (20:00 Moscow time) decorated with flowers, the coffin with the body of Michael Jackson made from the building of the memorial center and loaded into a hearse.Huge the funeral cortege of black jeeps and Rolls-Royce went into a sports and entertainment complex the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where at 10:00 (21:00 Moscow time) began a public farewell ceremony.Along the road, on the bridge, which drove the machine, the fans stood and welcomed the singer, who was heading to the grave. Authorities in Los Angeles have not blocked the road, but asked drivers to refrain from traveling during this time.Thousands of people gathered at the sports and entertainment complex, Staples Center. Police cordoned off the area around the complex, which, according to Western media, profit singer Madonna, usher, Maraya Carrie and other stars to say goodbye to a great king of pop.The cortege with the body of the singer after a police check drove into the underground part of the sports complex. From there the coffin had to raise the room with fans and colleagues of the singer, however, the organizers warned that due to technical problems, the ceremony is postponed for 30 minutes. During the forced break (11 thousand fans in the twilight staged last applause to Michael Jackson.A farewell ceremony with the king of pop, who died June 25 at the 51st year of life, opened by the famous singer and music producer Smokey Robinson, read fragments of the Epistles of the musician's friends.The first was read a letter of condolences from well-known South African policy - the first black President of South Africa Nelson Mandela: "Michael was a giant and a legend of the music industry. And we mourn him together with millions of fans worldwide. Читать полностью -->

Daughter Basharova congratulated Newco on March 8

Daughter Basharova congratulated Newco on March 8On the set of the popular TV show "Ice age" 4-year-old beautiful daughter of actor Marat Basharova Amelie congratulated her rival their parents skater Tatiana Navka with International women's day.The girl was left on the ice after the speech, Tatiana on the project, and offered her a bouquet of flowers and congratulated on the occasion.He kissed the baby, Navka almost cried with joy: she had long dreamed to get acquainted with the daughter of the beloved. Marat, looking at what is happening from the podium, moved and clapped his hands. Former same actor's wife Lisa, who was an unexpected guest at the rink, specially went from shooting before the presentation of the grooves, and not waiting for this burning moment.By the way, Lisa Basharova brought the daughter to the shooting of the ice show long before the cry of "Action!". With her mother's ex-wife brought Amelie to the locker room and dressed in a beautiful dress for the filming. She already knew that her daughter would have to congratulate beloved new husband, and that thought Lisa was getting uneasy...Amelie4-year-old daughter Marat Basharova only recently started skating. Inspired skating on the project "Ice age", Marat wanted to send their children to this beautiful sport. Читать полностью -->

In the death of Michael Jackson accused the doctors

In the death of Michael Jackson accused the doctorsPersonal doctors responsible for the death of Michael Jackson. This opinion was expressed by the former Manager of the singer Tarek Ben Amar."Obvious criminal role in all this those doctors who allegedly treated him for many years. They destroyed his face, gave him a lot of drugs to relieve pain", he said."Michael Jackson had insomnia, so he took sleeping pills. He was a real hypochondriac, and we, his friends, even it was difficult to determine whether or not he had some disease, as formed around him a group of medical charlatans who have benefited from this "disease", causing him to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on medicines and vitamins," said Ben Amar.He expressed confidence that the heart attack that led to the death of the singer, was caused by continuous intake of medicines prescribed by doctors."I've never seen Jackson took drugs," said former Manager in response to rumors that the singer's death could have been caused by an overdose of drugs."Michael Jackson was not leading a healthy lifestyle, he never ate right, he couldn't play sports. All this can lead to similar tragic finale of any person caught in such a situation," added Ben Amar. Source: death of Michael Jackson accused the doctors. Читать полностью -->

The website of the film festival were attacked by Chinese hackers

The website of the film festival were attacked by Chinese hackersLast Saturday, the website of the Melbourne international film festival for some time was replaced by the image of the Chinese flag and anti separatist slogans against the leader of the Uighur separatists Rebiya Kadir.So, the Chinese are protesting against the screening at the film festival of a film about the leader of the separatist "World Uyghur Congress". As reported previously in protest against the screening of the film about Kadeer, Beijing withdrew from the festival four films.Separatist leader was personally present at the premiere. To protect her and the other characters in the film at the festival had hired private bodyguards. The Australian film-maker Jeff Daniels of "Ten conditions of love" is scheduled for August 8.Meanwhile, Chinese authorities believe Rebiya Kadir guilty of organizing riots in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region in Northwest China, on 5 July, which killed nearly 200 people, more than 1.5 thousand people were injured.For his part, head of the Melbourne film festival, Richard Moore stated that the Chinese side proposed to make a film about Kadeer with the festival programme and to cancel the invitation. Moore refused, saying that "we are an independent organization, but this is our plan!". Source: Website of the film festival were attacked by Chinese hackers. Читать полностью -->

If Lindsay Lohan had a nervous breakdown

If Lindsay Lohan had a nervous breakdownWebsite TMZ says that Lindsay Lohan is now suppressed by the statements of the family's former girlfriend Samantha Ronson about their intention to seek an injunction to Lohan that she could no longer communicate with Samantha.When Lohan read the article in the magazine US Weekly about the campaign relatives of Samantha to the police station, she had a emotional breakdown. Her friends fear for her life. Source: Lindsay Lohan had a nervous breakdown. . . . Читать полностью -->

The soloist `Chelsea` beat a few people

The soloist `Chelsea` beat a few peopleOver the weekend with the lead singer of the band "Chelsea" Arseny Borodin was an unpleasant incident, because of which he had to have surgery on his nose.The incident happened on the night of 18 to 19 July. "I stopped in one night karaoke clubs literally an hour to meet with a colleague, says Arsenius. The time was about 5 o'clock in the morning, and in 12 hours I was already on tour in the city of Lipetsk".When 20-year-old actor was leaving the club at him without apparent reason snatched a few people. "I was dealt a strong blow to the head, thus disabling me completely," continued the singer. What happened next, Arseniy remembers vaguely. The young man was called "ambulance".Arrived on the scene, doctors took Arseny to the hospital, but a proper inspection was not provided. Читать полностью -->

With Alla Pugacheva in trouble

With Alla Pugacheva in troubleAlla Pugacheva was a trouble - she suddenly lost vision. And only known healing method to get rid of corruption helped the diva to recover from eternal blindness.It happened in the distant 1983. The doctors found no explanation, and then Alla appealed for help to the healer. This saved the sight of the singer. The sorceress rolled chicken egg over the body of the patient from head to toe and read the particular conspiracy. Then Pugachev locked at home and strictly forbade her to open the door. Читать полностью -->

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