Victoria Karaseva spoke

Victoria Karaseva spokeThe star of the project "Dom-2" Victoria Karaseva, which for several weeks in the intensive care unit, spoke at last.The first person spoke Victoria, was her spouse, the participant of the project "Dom-2" Vyacheslav. "Regaining consciousness, tori asked for tea and cake, said Thank. - Previously about the food she didn't even remember, the body is so weakened that she even talk had not the strength. We believe that now she's only gonna get better." But to comply with the request Vicky husband did not dare, because she is afraid that junk food would hurt her. The doctors have a girl on the strictest diet, reports "Rosbalt". "She have the strength to recover. Читать полностью -->

Madonna bought a black girl

Madonna bought a black girlMadonna is not used to rejection and to achieve their goals are ready for more. The adoption of a little girl named mercy cost the singer in an astronomical sum.$ 20 million on the eve of the second hearing on adoption of Madonna transferred to the accounts of African States.This money will go into a special Fund that will take care of Malawian orphans, AIDS patients. In addition, a portion of this amount will be purchased clothes, shoes, books and mosquito nets for six of the homes, The Mirror reports.In the press there have already been statements about the fact that it looks like a bribe. But the lawyer of the singer Alan Chinula says that this is all just speculation.The other day Madonna needs to fly to Malawi to pick up the girl to his home in new York. "I'm ecstatic," says the singer, " I and my family can't wait to mercy joined us and shared with us our life.". . Читать полностью -->

Susan Boyle will be the new Audrey Hepburn

Susan Boyle will be the new Audrey HepburnThe finalist of the show Britains Got Talent, a 48-year-old Scottish housewife Susan Boyle, whose UPS and downs on the way to stardom for the fourth month watching the entire planet, intends to Eclipse Audrey Hepburn.The most discussed star of Britain's Got Talent in the entire history of the show found the point of contact with the idol of many generations: Susan Boyle and Audrey Hepburn will now be put in one line, but it has no relation to the external appearance of both is to compare their vocal skills.Goodbye, "Shaggy angel". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The king gave Obama necklace

The king gave Obama necklaceDuring his visit to Saudi Arabia, U.S. President Barack Obama gave a Royal gift - a heavy gold locket on a long thick chain. It looks like the order of king Abdul Aziz, which he personally presented to the President of the United States."Oh my God. This is something," that's all he could say was Barack Obama, when the monarch wore a chain on the neck of the President. While the White house, you had to duck his head and was considered by American observers as "very risky move." Before that, during the meeting of the President and the king at the April G20 summit, when the leaders of the two countries exchanged handshakes, Obama is also slightly bent. After this, the enemies of the US President accused him in admiration for the monarch. Читать полностью -->

At Marlena hutsieva attacked in the stairwell

At Marlena hutsieva attacked in the stairwellThe famous Director and a member of the Union of cinematographers of Russia Marlena hutsieva robbed in Moscow.According to police, the incident occurred yesterday around 19:00 Moscow time in the porch of the house on Vasilevsky street, where he lives with his.The robber met in the stairwell of the Director, and threatening words, took his cell phone, and one thousand rubles, reports RIA "Novosti". The total loss from robbery was about 8 thousand rubles."Currently, the capital operatives carry out activities to establish the identity of the attacker. In addition, investigators seized records of the surveillance system, which is equipped with an entrance. Now they are being studied", - has informed Agency a source in law enforcement bodies of the capital.The Director himself confirmed the fact of attack. According to him, on his entrance was attacked by an unknown young man. "I feel fine, no physical injuries I inflicted," said the guest. Читать полностью -->

Cinematography has denied plans to fire Marlena hutsieva

Cinematography has denied plans to fire Marlena hutsievaCinematography denies media reports about the impending dismissal of Marlena hutsieva and says he still heads the Department of directing feature films.However, the University has expressed dissatisfaction with the frequent absence of Mr. hutsieva in the workplace."Information about the dismissal of Mr. Khutsiev's not true. Marlene Martynovich as he was, and is head of the Department of directing feature films, he has long headed," reported on 6 August RIA "news" the Vice-rector on educational work of Petr Arkhipov.However, he noted that "in dealing with Marlena the Martynovich there are some difficulties: it is already very long to appear at VGIK, and there are a number of issues that cannot be addressed without the presence of the chair of the Department of directing. We are making every attempt, writing letters, making phone calls, but Marlene Martynovich has never appeared in America.We remind that previously the rector of state Institute of Cinematography Vladimir Malyshev said in an interview that he intends to dismiss 83-year-old filmmaker just because he doesn't visit the place of their work.According to Mr. Malyshev, its personnel decision has nothing to do with the fact that Marlen Khutsiev in December 2008, he was elected Chairman of the Union of cinematographers, then this post is for extraordinary extraordinary Congress of the Union, held in March 2009, was transferred to the former President Nikita Mikhalkov. Читать полностью -->

Celebrity seedy type

Celebrity seedy type Luxurious evening dresses and perfect cut tuxedos - compulsory uniforms of stars on the red carpet. But in real life?Old t-shirts, worn sweater, "sweatpants" with blisters on my knees, shapeless Slippers - favorite clothes of most celebrities. In free from filming and partying the stars wear only what suits them. And spit on Convention! Source: Celebrity seedy type (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Cinematography parted with Marlena Thank you

Cinematography parted with Marlena Thank youVladimir Malyshev, the rector of the University, in an interview with "Izvestia" reported that the Department of feature films, headed by Marlen Khutsiev, prepares change of leadership, as a famous film Director and opponent Nikita Mikhalkov in the conflict around the Union of cinematographers do not attend school and does not fulfill its obligations."As a man, I'm Marlen Martynovich Khutsiev's respect, but as rector of the state higher education institution is obliged to terminate his contract," explained Malyshev edition.The rector said that his "dropped out of College life for seven months does not appear, does not ring". Since April 2009 he ceases to pay wages. In may hutsieva had not chosen to the academic Council of the Institute of Cinematography, but later brought him back as an honorary member. According to Martynov, congratulations on the new academic Council veteran film didn't answer. Also Hutsiev has not accepted the offer to head the arts Council Director of faculty: "He slowed down - both Yes and no, "you must think""".Main claim Martynov to Hutsieva remains the fact that the Department head does not attend the Institute and Department. "Next year we have accreditation, we have to submit a lot of papers in the Ministry of education, and prepare them just the Department. Читать полностью -->

Sarah Jessica Parker makes a save your marriage

Sarah Jessica Parker makes a save your marriageThe actress asked for help from a psychologist and a psychic to get my husband back into the family.The actress has decided to try to save his marriage. We will remind, in the family of the stars of "Sex and the city" and Matthew Broderick disorder occurred spouse after an affair with a young actress, which became known Sarah. Parker was very worried - after 11 years they were happy with Matthew.The actress left her husband to comprehend the situation and was seriously thinking about divorce. But still not decided. Instead signed up to the psychologist that suggested how to improve relations with her husband.The actress pays her therapist for advice about a hundred dollars an hour. And, according to rumors, Jessica even hired a psychic, who promised her husband back into the family for a tidy sum. Читать полностью -->

Venus de Milo found a older sister

Venus de Milo found a older sisterDisputes about when and where born fine art, continued for over a hundred years.Perhaps the discussion will be able to complete a unique find German archeologists who dug up a bone statuette of a female figure, of which at least about 35 thousand years. In Germany the figure is already called "Swabian Venus".Destinationrow figurine made from mammoth ivory, stands out for its remarkable metallizovannogo. Some of the body, such as Breasts and buttocks, is depicted in accordance with the actual picture, when viewed on the arms and legs of the figurine has the impression that they were created by a small child. Head figure has, in the past there was a ring, through which, probably, has passed the leather cord. Most likely the statue was worn as a pendant.According to "Deutsche Welle", "Swabian Venus" found in September last year South of Stuttgart, in the mountain range. The statue found at the entrance to the cave, where once lived a tribe of primitive people. Читать полностью -->

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